The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) brings together 15 leading UK aid charities to raise funds quickly and efficiently at times of crisis overseas

Intense conflict in Ukraine is threatening the lives and livelihoods of civilians across the country, causing hundreds of thousands to flee. Homes have been destroyed or are unsafe to live in. Essential services have been hit. Families have been separated. People have been injured. Lives have been lost.

Heavy fighting, shelling and air strikes across Ukraine have had devastating consequences for ordinary people. At the time of setting up this website, over 4 million people have fled the country, and many more have had to leave their homes to escape the fighting.

people are projected to become affected by the conflict

people - over 1/4 of the population - have fled their homes since the conflict began

At Ukraine's borders with Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Moldova, huge numbers of people are arriving with only what they can carry. In many places there are long waits to cross and scant facilities waiting for them on the other side, with temperatures dropping below freezing overnight.

How your donations can help:


Could provide essential hygiene supplies for 3 people for 1 month


Could provide blankets for 4 families to keep them warm


Could provide emergency food for 2 families for 1 month

DEC charities and their local partners are in Ukraine and across the border in the neighbouring countries. They are working to meet the immediate needs of all people fleeing with food, water, medical assistance, protection and trauma care.


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